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Bridge the gap between IT and your business to do more than just cross the “project finish line”.

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Save up to 15% on Office 365!

Migrate to Office 365 and reduce your cost with ESW.

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Challenges Managing Your Distributed Workforce?

In house resources may not have the skills or experience to deliver required business outcomes.
ESW has 15+ years managing remote workforces.

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How Secure is Your Business?

One in five small and medium sized businesses have been targeted by cybercrime.
Cyberattacks on your business are no longer a thing of the future, they’re here.

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Harness the Power of the Cloud with Office 365

Managed by a centralized support team specializing in Microsoft technologies,
we help you maximize your Office 365 investment, reduce licensing risks and prevent data loss.

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ESW is one of Alberta’s only IT providers catering to the unique needs of small and medium business.

Using our trademarked ESW Blueprint (™) for Business Outcomes, we provide custom strategic business and IT advisory services, IT operational support, and remote workforce management solutions. Our ESW Blueprint (™) Business Outcomes process takes a long-term approach to your business and your IT needs – now, and in the future.

ESW offers exclusive Customer Experience Immersion (CIE) labs which are interactive, no-obligation, hands-on sessions that allow you to test drive Microsoft Office 365.

CIEYou’ll be able to see first-hand how Microsoft technologies can help your business grow, improve productivity and save costs. Our certified consultants will show you tricks and tips to maximize your existing Microsoft investments.  ESW runs 2 hour CIE labs frequently and you can book lab time on our calendar – here.

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